We’re so old,

this is how we took selfies.

Peek down the halls of an old, established agency and you’ll discover a population of young, unestablished people.

Seasoned is a new, no-overhead, virtual agency taking an opposite approach.

New agency, old people. (And no halls.)

Having blown out a few more candles than most, our team is experienced, insightful, skillful and thoughtful.

We are Seasoned.

We’re so old,

this was considered a great client meeting.

One of us is Daniel. One of us is Rick. One of us is Brad. One of us has a French accent. One of us plays hockey. One of us has worked at eight ‘downtown’ agencies without being fired. We have 6 kids. But not with each other. We have worked on soup and cars and insurance and politics and credit cards and education and headphones and water filters and recycled tires and tonnes more. And yes, we are seasoned.

We’re so old,

this was on our desks, not in a museum.

We’re so old,

this was our social media.


Nice, you made it to the portfolio! This is the point in our relationship where you’re likely wondering if we are legit. Fair question. But it’s one we’ll leave you to answer for yourself while you enjoy a few examples of what we do. To begin, simply click the link above.

We’re so old,

this was our search engine.

A long time ago (in Internet time), way back at the top of this page, maybe you thought… “Hmm… what’s this then?” Now you’re all the way to the bottom. You’ve read our spiel. You’ve seen our work. You’ve laughed. You’ve cried. And dammit, you want more. Well, so do we. To begin solving problems (together), simply pick a partner, any partner and make the first move!

Daniel Charron

Creative Director



Brad Myers

Creative Director